MX5 Turbo V2 – Redemption? Part 2

Thinking about it now, the decision to begin another turbo conversion on my test car was taken very lightly – not because it was overly complicated or anything like that though. I had the car on stands to test fit some new versions of the Super Knuckles- (front and rear) as well as some new control arms. I love a successful test fit of new parts – First set of dual caliper rear drop knuckles:

Photo 01-11-2018, 16 24 05

The car had been levitating for a while so I decided to use up some bits and pieces of exhaust flanges etc to knock up a log manifold just to sell on while I was waiting for things to happen and for parts to arrive. All it took was a test fit to the engine and I remember thinking “Thats basically 90% done now so I might as well boost it”. That was a lie.

Also, I blame Tom Vanbeeks driving for the decision to go boosted.

In my defence I did have a turbo clutch in it already which is another big part of the conversion. Luckily Mat Pickering was breaking his old turbo 1.6 MX5 so I was able to grab a lot of the bits I needed in one go – I really hate dealing with strangers on facebook when trying to buy/sell parts because 90% of the time they make it such a god damn chore.

So after deciding it was definitely happening, I test fitted some pipework I had lying around and had my Garrett T25g refurbished by Midland Turbo:

Photo 01-11-2018, 15 59 13

Once the turbo was set in its correct position, I began making the exhaust – I had 2.5″ all the way through the first time round so this time I wanted to release a bit more power so made it 3″ as soon after the elbow as possible.

Photo 01-11-2018, 16 04 28

Photo 01-11-2018, 19 17 01

Photo 01-11-2018, 19 13 40

Photo 01-11-2018, 19 16 42

I wanted to have a flexi on the downpipe to help lower the chances of cracks appearing when the exhaust inevitably hit the ground – think of it like suspension for your exhaust.

Photo 01-11-2018, 15 56 10

No silencers – I wasn’t so much trying to make the car loud as much as I was trying to save money by not buying a bunch of expensive exhaust parts.

Photo 01-11-2018, 15 56 14

Shout out to Freddie Sharvell for the band saw! I must’ve spent half a day on just pre-cutting pie cuts. This meant I could take a handful under the car with me to save climbing in and out from under the car over and over to make small cuts and adjustments.

Photo 01-11-2018, 15 53 27Photo 01-11-2018, 15 50 27Photo 01-11-2018, 15 48 27

Almost immediately I realised the exhaust was way too loud and started to think I might actually be breaking some tracks decibel limit by quite a substantial amount. Not wanting to make it too quiet, I added in a small muffler and a downturn tip which I’m able to report made absolutely no difference to the volume at all. It did look cool though:


Thats it for part 2! Enjoy this bonus pic of my cute lil 15″ VSKF that I had off Will Ashcroft to help him save to return to Australia.

Photo 01-11-2018, 15 44 25


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