Corolla Brotherhood Meet 2018

Ben here on the back of the annual Corolla Brotherhood meet at Driftworks.

To start off Driftworks is a pretty cool place, with a bunch of really friendly staff. It’s cool to visit a business where you can just walk into the workshop to be greeted by the owner working on his own car on the ramp, and is happy to have a chat with anyone that takes a bit of interest in the car. This was the case when we arrived as Phil was tending to his recently acquired RWB Porsche.

The Driftworks S15 was also lurking around inside, loosely wearing its new aero which is a result of the driftworks staff campaign to ‘make Phil drift again’ –

This was my first time going to a ‘car meet’ and i’m glad it was nothing like the stereotypical UK meets that you see when you’re going to pick up a couple of cheese burgers and a box of McNuggets at 10:30 and someone is keybanging their new financed whip.

There was a really relaxed vibe around and was great to see everyone just having a good time, Chaydon even went around sorting out a Dominos order for whoever wanted it.

Despite being a Corolla Brotherhood meet, there was a great selection of other retro and ‘newer’ cars. Regretfully I didn’t take many photos in general, which is a shame as there was so much to see. But here’s a couple other photos I took.

So thanks to Corolla Brotherhood and Driftworks for a great day, cool venue and friendly hospitality.

See you at the next one.

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