3 Sisters get used by 50 dudes in one day

Alex 3s

Photo by Timeout Visions

At the time of writing this, I only have one month until STL 3 in Scotland to fix my tow car, my drift car, hire a trailer, source tyres along side my day job of running Destroy or Die.

So instead of booking myself on to this star studded practice day at 3s and giving myself even more work to do, I just went along with my extremely helpful and reliable friend Ben to spectate the day and do a bit of what turned out to be a lot of very wobbly filming.

One of the upsides to spectating is being able to chat and see people without having to rush back to get your tyres changed or get out on track. I always think it’s a shame to have so many friends from all over the country in one place and not be able to have a decent catch up with them all. I always go home feeling like I’ve missed people and sometimes not even known that particular people were attending.

I did manage to get some clips worth using though and quickly pushed them together into a raw edit featuring our very own Tom Vanbeek, Alex, Saule and Dan from Low Origin, James Tooley, Toby aka Monky London and Stew Noble. Anyway, VIDEO HERE.

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