Corolla Brotherhood Meet 2018

Ben here on the back of the annual Corolla Brotherhood meet at Driftworks.

To start off Driftworks is a pretty cool place, with a bunch of really friendly staff. It’s cool to visit a business where you can just walk into the workshop to be greeted by the owner working on his own car on the ramp, and is happy to have a chat with anyone that takes a bit of interest in the car. This was the case when we arrived as Phil was tending to his recently acquired RWB Porsche.

The Driftworks S15 was also lurking around inside, loosely wearing its new aero which is a result of the driftworks staff campaign to ‘make Phil drift again’ –

This was my first time going to a ‘car meet’ and i’m glad it was nothing like the stereotypical UK meets that you see when you’re going to pick up a couple of cheese burgers and a box of McNuggets at 10:30 and someone is keybanging their new financed whip.

There was a really relaxed vibe around and was great to see everyone just having a good time, Chaydon even went around sorting out a Dominos order for whoever wanted it.

Despite being a Corolla Brotherhood meet, there was a great selection of other retro and ‘newer’ cars. Regretfully I didn’t take many photos in general, which is a shame as there was so much to see. But here’s a couple other photos I took.

So thanks to Corolla Brotherhood and Driftworks for a great day, cool venue and friendly hospitality.

See you at the next one.

Refurbs, Paint, Liveries

Ben here, as you probably don’t know who I am, and this also being my first time writing a blog post, feel free to scroll down, look at the photos of cool cars and ignore the text.

It has been a steady but enjoyable start to the year, with Dan driving at a Rockingham “Meihan” day and a Rockingham Outer Paddock day testing prototype Mazda parts.

8S9A78108S9A9787Photos by: Unclear Images

From what I gather, and a quality full day of sitting in the passenger seat of the Nissan at Meihan, both cars performed well. But it was PS13 that ended up coming out the worse of the two after a couple of disagreements with the Meihan wall.


After some success with a slide hammer, a new rear light, and some fiberglass repairs to the rear fender, the back of the car was back to its former shape.


With a couple of new touches to the car, and the rear end needing a respray anyway, Dan and I decided that we could probably set up a DIY paint booth in his newly built garage. So we did.

A bit of prep later and Dan started to paint. We were both quite impressed at the reasonably high standard he managed to get considering he’d never painted a car before.


With the car looking great and Ali’s highly anticipated STL! 3 looming around the corner, it was time to ruin the nice paint and mock up a livery for both cars. Dan had designed the livery in house – which he will go into more detail about in a later post.

An idea was put together, so Dan, Ellie, and I moved the vinyl cutter into the workshop and got to printing, weeding, and sticking.


Photos by: Me

After a fair amount of time and grossly underestimating how much vinyl we’d need, this Nissan was just about done.

Here’s some photos of the car just before STL! 3.

file - Copyfile1 - Copyfile2 - Copy

Photos by: Me

While exhausted following a 4am bedtime due to applying the liveries to Tom and Conor’s MX5’s the night before, the car was loaded onto the trailer for Dan’s maiden voyage towing a trailer up to Driftland.

I personally think that it looks great, and i’m really looking forward to seeing the rest of the Destroy Or Die boys rolling them out onto their own cars soon.

3 Sisters get used by 50 dudes in one day

Alex 3s

Photo by Timeout Visions

At the time of writing this, I only have one month until STL 3 in Scotland to fix my tow car, my drift car, hire a trailer, source tyres along side my day job of running Destroy or Die.

So instead of booking myself on to this star studded practice day at 3s and giving myself even more work to do, I just went along with my extremely helpful and reliable friend Ben to spectate the day and do a bit of what turned out to be a lot of very wobbly filming.

One of the upsides to spectating is being able to chat and see people without having to rush back to get your tyres changed or get out on track. I always think it’s a shame to have so many friends from all over the country in one place and not be able to have a decent catch up with them all. I always go home feeling like I’ve missed people and sometimes not even known that particular people were attending.

I did manage to get some clips worth using though and quickly pushed them together into a raw edit featuring our very own Tom Vanbeek, Alex, Saule and Dan from Low Origin, James Tooley, Toby aka Monky London and Stew Noble. Anyway, VIDEO HERE.

MX5 Testing at Rockingham

Youtube Thumbnail

We took the trusty MX5 to Rockinghams outer paddock to give it some testing and had a blast in the process. Included are some great laps with Adam ‘Magicjetski’ from Retroshine and Keeve aka the author of the helpful articles on Insurgent. (Check out the MX5 article for extra relevance)

Video via THIS LINK

Car Spec is as follows:

Engine: Standard Import 1.6L 115hp with advanced timing and some sort of upgraded manifold, Standard Exhaust

Drivetrain: Stage 2 Organic Clutch, Welded KIA Sportage diff

Suspension/Steering: HSD coilovers, Destroy Or Die Steering Knuckles, Destroy Or Die Adjustable lower & Upper control arms

Wheels: 15×7 et35 OZ Route with 25mm Spacer

Interior: Sparco Bucket seat, OMP Steering Wheel, Coolant Temp Gauge, TR Lane Roll Bar

Exterior: Destroy Or Die bodykit


Joey’s RS13

Joey’s Rs13 is proof that you don’t always need a fibreglass bodykit, huge overfenders and minus offset 12j wheels on a huge spec car that’s cost you £10,000 to build. Apart from the 15×7 SSR Mesh and the Chuki skirts, the exterior of the car is pretty much OEM, following structural welding to various parts of the car, then painted to match the factory two tone paintjob.

The engine hasn’t had too much done to it either, it’s simply a stock CA18DET with a T28 and FMIC, stage 2 hdev chip, and a 3″ straight through RSR exhaust, plenty of power when you run 15″ wheels.

Underneath, the car has been treated to our own S13 lock kit, consisting of modified knuckles, extended LCA’s and a relocated steering rack. BC coilovers provide the correct ride height for the 15’s and Driftworks adjustable rear arms have been fitted, along with a 4.1 welded diff.

The only modifications to the interior are Bride zeta ii seats and a Yashio factory handbrake button, even the steering wheel is standard!

Joey S13

Joey S13 2

Joey S13 3

Joey S13 4

Not-A-Vlog Episode 1

As the title says, Charlie Tabberner from Quantic Visuals came by for the day to check out the new HQ and see how I was getting on repairing my PS13 of which he made a video HERE. The Rockingham event in question sets out a 1:1 scale replica of the famous Meihan track in Japan where drivers charge down the straight and throw the car along a wall into a hair pin bend at between 60-70mph. Needless to say some cars (including mine) sustain some damage from the wall due to tiny misjudgements or from flat out not giving a shit. To see the cause of the previously mentioned damage, click THIS LINK to see the video from Ali aka Street Track Life.